Our Services

Working closely with our clients, we provide:

Strategic Positioning, marketing advice and guidance

At Azla we are deeply embedded with our clients and work with them very closely to strategically position them with the investor community and optimize fundraising by:

  • honing their marketing positioning and message
  • preparing clean, clear, straight & to the point marketing materials
  • building data-rooms that reflect market positioning & track record optimally
  • arranging speaking engagements at the highest impact conferences
  • arranging opinion pieces in highest impact relevant specialty media
  • arranging educational webinars for a broad target investor base

Manage and Execute the following types of AUM-growing fundraisings and transactions

Primary Fund Placement / Fundraising Process Management

Working closely with our clients we manage the entire primary fund placement process from initial pre-marketing, through arranging road shows, 1-1 investor meetings & video calls with our global investor base, to arranging investor webinars, to managing due diligence responses & supporting investor’s bespoke due diligence requests, through managing investor allocation requests and supporting the fund closing process.

SPAC Sponsorship Advisory / Transaction Management

Recently we have been working with a select set of clients on SPAC sponsorship initiatives by putting together management teams & Boards of Directors  in conjunction with their portfolio CEOs and industry networks, initiating & supporting discussions with potential underwriters and identifying shortlists of attractive potential acquisition targets.

GP-Led Secondary Advisory / Transaction Management

Based on our experience in managing LP Interest & Direct Secondary transaction in the earlier days of Azla, including representing sell-side LP’s such as Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, AIG, Edmund de Rothschild, Endowments & Fund of Funds, we work with our clients to develop & execute staple, carve out & annex fund opportunities that support their Primary Fund raising or increase capital availability / extend current portfolio investment periods.

NAV Loan Advisory / Transaction Management

Since the advent of the COVID Pandemic, we have been working with a select group of clients to secure NAV Fund Financing Lines to  further support their portfolio companies from Alternative Lenders and Fund Financing departments of Banks across the US & Europe.