Primary Market Background

Private Debt Funds

  • Over the past two years the private debt market segment has generated significant additional LP allocations as LP's have increasingly recognized the opportunity for private debt funds, as banks have increasingly pulled out of the market and created a funding gap for growth companies who do not have a long track record of profitability.
  • Azla recently completed managing a $320 mln (240 mln EUR) 20% oversubscribed fundraising for Kreos Capital IV, for Kreos Capital, Europe's leading growth debt manager and has deep trust-driven relationships with the specific investment managers focusing on private debt allocations at a broad variety of LP's, many of who reviewed and invested in Kreos Capital IV.
  • Azla Advisors, Managing Director David Waxman recently chaired the Private Debt Investor Forum in London and has moderated the fundraising panel at many private debt LP's GP conferences and is well-recognized amongst private debt LP's and GP's.

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