Primary Market Background

Over the past few years, many GP's, even those with strong track records and differentiable strategies, have found the fundraising process taking longer and it being more challenging to reach or exceed their fundraising target. Accordingly, an increasing number of GP's are turning to Primary Placement Advisors to lead and manage their fundraising efforts as they can offer GP's the following benefits:

  • Help GP's position their Fund in the market more effectively due to their current understanding of LP's focus areas and broad market developments
  • Include their personal relationships and awareness of a wide universe of Limited Partners into the fundraising process and then focus in on the most likely LP's that will be candidates, and enabling the GP to use their time much more efficiently
  • Add additional credibility to the fundraising process as LP's recognize that high-quality Placement Advisors add an additional level of due diligence on GP's via their own selection process
  • Provide a dedicated resource focusing on the fundraising effort and development of marketing and due diligence material, and enabling the GP to continue to spend time sourcing and executing new transactions as well as monitoring and staying actively involved in their current portfolio
  • Provide an "outside view" and serve as a sounding board and provide a reality check throughout the entire fundraising process

Azla Advisors meets this need by offering GP's with differentiable J-curve mitigation strategies and a strong track record in the following 3 market segments:

with Primary Fundraising Advisory Services provided by a hands-on, focused group of professionals that have the experience, relationships and the drive to advise clients on the most appropriate fundraising positioning, marketing and execution strategies and execute over-subscribed fundraisings while building a diverse LP base.