Primary Fundraising Advisory Services

Every Primary Fundraising advisory engagement goes through a multi-step process that is infused and informed by broad and deep LP and GP market relationships

  1. Strategic Fund Positioning & Marketing Material Development - Based on our understanding of LP's interests in these segments and broad market developments, we work with our GP clients to position their fund appropriately to optimize their attractiveness to the LP community a develop a full suite of marketing material including slide deck, executive summary, cover notes and PPM.
  2. Intelligent LP Selection - Based on our knowledge of the LP community we select the approach the LP's that would be more likely to commit and enable a more efficient fundraising process and utilization of the GP's time.
  3. Marketing, Contact / Process Management and Reporting- We set up 1-1 LP/GP meetings, road shows and conference speaking engagements as well as press and media coverage to intelligently expose the LP community to our GP clients and then follow-up diligently and intelligently, and manage the process efficiently with a data-filled report to our GP clients on a regular basis.
  4. Due Diligence Material Development and Follow-up - We develop and provide significant educational information and manage all aspects of the Due Diligence process to ensure there are no "dropped balls" during the LP's investment process.
  5. Closing - We work closely with the LP's to make sure their investment process is on schedule and they are aware of and focused on closing deadlines.
  6. Utilizing the Secondary Market to support GP's Fundraising - Working closely with the GP, we have a track record in structuring innovative and creative stapled secondary transactions in previous funds and vehicles of the GP which are linked to new commitments from the secondary buyers and investors into the new Fund to help jump-start the fundraising process if it will be helpful.