Primary Market Background

Lower Mid-Market Late Stage Growth Funds

  • Over the past several years LP's venture allocations have bifurcated to lower mid-market/ late stage growth and very early seed stage micro funds as LP's have increasingly recognized the more compelling risk return profiles in these 2 segments.
  • We at Azla tend to focus on the late stage, lower mid-market growth segment which has characteristics that fit well with our J-curve mitigation strategy.
    • Capital Requirements in line with risk profiles
    • Shorter exit horizons and faster cash distributions
    • Shallow J-curves
  • Azla is currently managing a $125 mln (100 mln EUR) fundraising for Jolt Capital II, for Jolt Capital, a growth manager with a unique inflection point investing strategy and strong track record that has emerged from Soffinova and Natixis, and has deep trust-driven relationships with the specific investment managers focusing on growth allocations at a broad variety of LP's, many of who have reviewed and are committing to Jolt Capital II.
  • Azla Advisors, Managing Director David Waxman has moderated fundraising panels at a number of LP - GP conferences and is well-recognized amongst Growth and Lower Mid-Market buyout LP's and GP's.

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